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Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences Team Win Robotics Tournament

Oregon City, Oregon – March 5, 2015 – The Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences FIRST Robotics Team, Skynet 2550 in alliance with the Bowtie Brigade and Shockwave teams, won the District Tournament hosted this past weekend in Oregon City. For this years challenge 3000 teams from around the world received their supplies and instructions at the same time in early January. Recycle Rush was the name of this year's challenge.

Beyond winning the district tournament, the Skynet team also won the Quality Award for the robot they built. In the beginning, the Skynet robot was not responding, and it cost the team valuable points.

"After a disappointing start in the first two rounds, our students showed great perseverance and focus moving from 28th place to 2nd place when the qualifying rounds concluded," said Kyle Laier, Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences' Principal. "We are most proud of our students conducting themselves with gracious professionalism throughout the tournament."

Oregon City School District to Offer Full-Day Kindergarten

February 9, 2015 – At their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Oregon City School Board voted to establish a District-wide full-day kindergarten program beginning in the 2015-16 school year. The implementation cost is an estimated $1.8 million to cover additional staffing, instructional materials, furniture and building adjustments. The improvement is made possible because the Oregon Legislature authorized school districts to claim full funding from the State School Fund for full-day kindergarten beginning next school year.

The district has had a grant funded full-day kindergarten pilot program at Jennings Lodge Elementary for the last two years. The pilot program has been a success and provided various opportunities for the district to learn all that is involved in transitioning from a half-day to a full-day program.

“I am very excited and proud that our school board sees the value in offering a full-day kindergarten program,” said Larry Didway, Superintendent. “Providing an improved educational foundation for our young learners will be an investment in our community’s future.”

The desire to move to a full-day kindergarten program district-wide has been on the radar of the district for a number of years and a board goal since 2013. With a two-year pilot program already completed, Oregon City is ahead of the curve in preparing for this change.

Studies show that students in full-day kindergarten are better prepared for primary grade learning, show a trend toward higher achievement, and show better attendance through the primary grades. When you take these benefits into consideration, along with the financial support from the state, the decision to offer full-day kindergarten is simple.

Local families with children who will be five years old by Sept. 1 are encouraged to visit the enrollment page on the district website and attend a Kindergarten Round-Up.

Later Than Usual Labor Day Prompts District to Start School in August

Oregon City, Oregon - February 9, 2015 – At their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Oregon City School Board voted to approve the framework for the 2015-16 school calendar. For the first time in recent memory, the school year will start in August – on the 31st.

Each year families are anxious for the calendar to be approved so that events and vacations can be planned. Typically school starts after Labor Day. Since Labor Day comes later this year, it has forced many school districts to re-evaluate their calendars and consider an earlier start.

The district will begin classes on Monday, August 31st, although specific start dates will vary by school and grade. Schools will be closed on Friday September 4th and Labor Day, September 7th and classes will resume on Tuesday, September 8th.

UpFront Newsletter Fall 2014

Download the UpFront Newsletter (PDF) that includes:

  • Message from the Superintendent: Back to School With a Growth Mindset
  • Danner Leads Ogden, Panko Helms Special Services
  • Oregon City Community Education Classes and Activities
  • New Language Arts Books Arrive
  • Down on the Farm at Candy Lane
  • New Food Pantry at Oregon City High School
  • Planting the SEEDS of Science and Math for Young Students
  • Ogden Shows 'em How It's Done: Closing the Achievement Gap
  • OCHS Freshman Wants Kindness to Rule
  • School Directory and Calendar

UpFront Newsletter (PDF)

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