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Oregon City Service Learning Academy Students Make a Difference

Anonymous - Posted on 29 October 2008

The students of the Oregon City Learning Service Academy participated in a Make A Difference Day event on October 25, 2008. In partnership with the Oregon City Parks and Recreation Department and Clackamas Volunteer Connection, over 30 students and volunteers met at the Clackamas River, cleared invasive brush (English Ivy) and planted 30 evergreen seedlings at the town's Clackamas River Bike Path. The project was designed and carried out by Adam Paltrineri's 9th grade Advisory class at OCSLA.

Using service learning as the instructional model OCSLA students studied invasive species and their effects on the Oregon environment prior to actually performing the community service. Follow up lessons were taught after the project was completed.

The project accomplished a number of goals. First was the replacing of invasive plants with native species. The project also provided erosion control on the banks of the Clackamas River through the new trees planted. Finally, the volunteers helped block the view of the Tri-Cities Waste Treatment plant from across the river.

Sixteen OCSLA freshmen and their families, as well as a dozen volunteers from Northwest Service Corps and Milwaukie First Presbyterian Church turned out on a beautiful Saturday morning for a day of service. This project took place on Make a Difference Day, a nation-wide day of service for volunteer groups.

For questions or comments please contact Melanie Marrone, Principal, Oregon City Service Learning Academy, 503-785-8443

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