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UpFront Newsletter Winter 2012

Bonnie.Millar - Posted on 17 December 2012

Download the UpFront Newsletter (PDF) which includes:

  • Message from the Superintendent: State of the Schools: Strong and Future Focused
  • Oregon City Pioneers Modern Kindergarten
  • For Alan Rempel, Learning is a Chemical Reaction
  • School Board Sets Lofty Goals for Students, District
  • Family Focus Forum; Better Parenting, Happier Families
  • Talented and Gifted Fair Inspires
  • Oregon City High School, District, Test Scores Soar
  • Oregon City Schools Ace New Reporting Requirements
  • Future Focus Gives Freshmen Good Start
  • Oregon City Community Education 
  • School Directory and Calendar

NOTE: The bar graph on the 6th page representing writing assessment for 4th and 7th grade is for the 2007-2008 school year.  The 11th grade assessment numbers are for 2012 as stated in the title of the graph.  

UpFront Newsletter (PDF)

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