Oregon City School District to Implement Full-Day Kindergarten Pilot Program

admin - Posted on 13 February 2013

Oregon City School District will offer full-day kindergarten at Jennings Lodge Elementary for the 2013-2014 school year. Jennings Lodge will be the first school to offer full-day kindergarten in the district as part of a pilot program. The district will continue to offer half-day kindergarten at all other elementary schools with the extended Kinder Day option.

On Monday, February 11th, Oregon City School Board members voted unanimously to move ahead with plans to implement the full day kindergarten pilot program.

"I appreciate the advance thinking of the district in preparation to move the district towards full day kindergarten," said Chris Storey, School Board Chair.

There will be no charge to families participating in the full-day kindergarten pilot program. 

"I'm thrilled the pilot for a full day kindergarten has been approved for Jennings Lodge," said Carol Sanders, Director of School Improvement. "The pilot program will be used to develop enhanced individualized learning environments that can expand across the district."

Oregon City School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.