Yellow is the New Green, School Busses Are the Environmentally Friendly Way to Go!

School busses are the fun way for kids to get to school.  On the school bus kids learn important lessons and get additional time to learn social skills and interact with their peers.  However, besides being the safe and fun way to get to school, school busses are also very green!  

When parents have their students ride the school bus they are helping to teach the next generation the importance of minimizing our impact on the earth.  Ride sharing and using mass transit is one of the easiest ways we can do our part to help keep the earth green.

Each school bus keeps approximately 36 cars off the road.  For every kid on the school bus there is less congestion which is good for the environment and public safety.  If you put your student on the bus each morning feel free to give yourself a pat on the back.

Last year our district busses logged nearly 1 million miles. If you calculate that on average each bus moves around 36 kids it is amazing to realize the savings in fuel, reduction in greenhouse emissions and the massive reduction in overall congestion.  If your student gets to school in a passenger car consider giving them a chance to save the planet, one bus ride at a time!

This story was written and shared in honor of the national Love the Bus Month.  To read more visit our Love the Bus page.
To learn more about Transportation including viewing School Bus Routes, visit the Transportation Department.  

750+ Years of School Bus Driving Experience at Oregon City School District

The Transportation Department at Oregon City School District has some very dedicated employees. In the department they have over 750 years of bus driving experience with multiple employees having well over 20 years of seniority. Being a bus driver takes true talent and dedication, but it can be very rewarding as well.  

Here is a small showcase of some of our districts fine, caring and compassionate drivers.

Cindy Liberty - Driving for the District since 1981

"I love interacting with the special needs kids on my bus.  Each one is unique and no matter what kind of day I am having they always find a way to make me smile" 

True Talent Behind the Wheel, What It Takes to Be a School Bus Driver in Oregon City

It takes a special person to become a school bus driver.  A combination of  unlimited patience, nerves of steel, and protective guardian, these dedicated people rise early each morning to safely transport their precious passengers to school.  

As put by our driver Cindy Peterson, "No one loves their baby like they do (parents), but it's our job  to get them to and from school as safely as possible." 

Becoming a bus driver in Oregon City requires:

  • Clean Driving Record
  • Criminal Background Check
  • First Aid Certified
  • Annual or Bi-annual physical test (depending on age)
  • Ongoing Training and Classes
  • Class B Commercial Drivers License
  • Passenger and Air brake Endorsement

Our drivers begin by having a current state drivers license and a clean driving record.  They are fingerprinted, as are all district employees, and a criminal background check is done.  A current First Aid card is a requirement which they carry with them at all times.

Oregon City Technology Department and Gaffney Lane Digital Classroom Named Apple Exemplary Programs

The Oregon City School District is pleased to announce that it has been named an Apple Exemplary Program for Gaffney Lane Elementary School's Digital Classroom and the Technology Department's server virtualization project.

The Apple Exemplary Program designation is reserved for K-12 programs that have demonstrated a strong, well-articulated use of Apple products in K-12 education. The District received 2 of only 38 designations awarded nationwide.

Seeking Nominations for Employee Representatives for the Chamber of Commerce 2010 Awards Luncheon

Oregon City School District is seeking nominations for the 2009-10 Teacher of Distinction and Employee of the Year. The licensed and classified staff members will be honored at an upcoming Chamber of Commerce awards luncheon. Employees, parents and community members are encouraged to make nominations.
Nominations should be sent to Bonnie Millar no later than Thursday, February 25, 2010

For more information and the form download the Employee of Distinction Nomination (PDF)

Oregon City School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

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