"Community Conversations" Series

Oregon City School District has scheduled a series of Community Conversations to be held at schools across the district. The school board wants to share great news about academic achievement results and increase community dialogue while facing a possible $7 million shortfall to restore 15 employee furlough days and honor collective bargaining agreements for the next school year. The board has already committed to restoring at least 5 instructional days next year.

"As a School Board, we feel the need to go to our community to share what our district is facing," said Board Chair Cameron Seward. "We want to engage the public in the budget development process while celebrating the district's proud record of achievement, award winning staff and well-deserved reputation for fiscal responsibility."

The sessions will explain current budget developments & forecasts, share good news and achievement results from Oregon City School District and gather community feedback.

"During tough economic times it's imperative that we operate as efficiently as we can and respond to community priorities," said Superintendent Larry Didway.

The meeting dates and times are as follows:

Second Series of Community Conversations with Budget Prioritization Activity

All parents and community members are invited to attend any session.


District Awarded $20,000 Grant to Support Outdoor School

The Gray Family Environmental Foundation recently awarded Oregon City School District a $20,000 grant to help send 546 elementary students to Outdoor School.

Outdoor School allows students the chance to learn about the natural world. There is something special about combining students with the outdoors. Qualified staff help guide the student’s natural exploring to create an unforgettable educational experience.

At Outdoor School, the study of ecology, science, math and conservation of natural resources takes on real meaning. Through hands-on activities, students develop an understanding of the environment and how the parts fit together. Students develop an appreciation of the natural world and their place in it.

Social growth also occurs as the students learn, live and play together in supervised groups. The extent to which Oregon's youngsters learn to understand and use their natural resources today will largely determine their economic security in the future.

We greatly appreciate the generous grant from the Gray Family to help support this amazing experience for students!

Upfront Newsletter Winter 2011

Download the UpFront Newsletter (PDF) which includes:

  • Message from the Superintendent: State of the Schools: Strong but Struggling
  • Enhancing Kindergarten for the Right Start
  • Oregon City Community Education Classes and Activities
  • Oregon City Schools Help Parents Help Students with Family Focus Forum and More
  • Oregon City Schools Foundation: Supporting Schools
  • State Report Cards: OC Achieves
  • Oregon City Soars in Reading
  • OCHS Provides Opportunity to Excel
  • School Directory and Calendar

UpFront Newsletter (PDF)

View Community Education classes online, with online registration!

CAIS Students Work with Community Leaders to Help Others

Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences High School (CAIS) students are doing volunteer work on a variety of projects throughout our community. Mr. Semrad’s Sustainability Science Project Class worked with SOLV on Goat Island. Last Friday the CAIS Green Team volunteered after school at King Elementary: Dakota Eells, Roman Crone, Jacob Eells, Wyatt Edwards, Hunter Edwards, Gabe Crone, Hank Kelly, and Wade Mitchell. Cody Keith’s science project is redesigning King Elementary rainwater collection system. If approved, Cody will manage the project that the entire class will construct!

CAIS students Ivan Eells, Mason Fraser, Linn Points, and Hank Kelley volunteered at the request of CAIS volunteer Dave Akers to help deliver 5,900 food items to the Molalla Food Pantry. The Molalla area has the highest unemployment in the county and many families need help with food every week.  Several CAIS students work part time in Molalla. Dave Akers was a personal finance guest speaker last year and encouraged students to get involved and make a difference. In addition, Suz Maus in the Community Education Office helped the group contact Grocery Outlet so items could be purchased in bulk, which increased the total number of items donated to three different local food banks. All told the group behind the effort raised enough money in a month to provide over 10,000 items to local food banks!

Why Oregon City School District is Moving Forward Without the Federal Teacher Incentive Fund Grant

The Oregon City School Board supports the efforts of the CLASS Project Design Team, but regrets that it was unable to reach agreement with the federal government on a way to utilize grant funds. Leaving a five-year 2.54 million dollar grant was a difficult decision. Not all stakeholders will agree with it. However, supporting proven strategies to increase student achievement will continue to be the focus in Oregon City. A new evaluation system for teachers and administrators is only one example of the strong work generated by this grant that will carry on.

A joint statement from OCSD and Chalkboard (PDF)

Upfront Newsletter Fall 2011

Download the UpFront Newsletter (PDF) which includes:

  • A Message from the Superintendent
  • Success for All Special Education
  • Gary McCormick to Helm McLoughlin Elementary
  • Four OCHS Students Earn National Merit Honors
  • Schools Fight Summer Reading Loss
  • Overhauling OCSLA: Learning for Life
  • Building Better Readers
  • Raising the Rigor: Meeting Higher Reading Standards
  • School Directory and Calendar 

UpFront Newsletter (PDF)

View Community Education classes online, with online registration!

Getting Ready for Back to School

Health Care
Health Care is available through the Healthy Kids Program for any child or teen without coverage.

A student entering kindergarten needs: DTaP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis): 5 doses, Polio: 4 doses, Varicella (chicken pox): 1 dose, Measles: 2 doses, Mumps: 1 dose, Rubella: 1 dose, Hepatitis B: 3 doses, new requirement Hepatitis A: 2 doses.

Children that are 5 years old on or before September 1 can enter kindergarten. Children that are 6 years old by September 1 can enter into first grade. For more information visit the enrollment page.

School Supplies
The school supply page has a list from each elementary and middle school.  

Lunches and Nutrition
The Nutrition Department  has information on menus, payment information, and free and reduced meal applications.

The Tranportation Department has general and boundary information as well as routes and schedules posted for all schools. 

School Information
All general school information is posted on the schools page

Oregon City School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Early Childhood Education and Child Care

School Supply Drive

Each year your donations to the KGW school supply drive helps our students get the supplies they need. Visit their website to learn more. 

In The News

"High School students in the Oregon City School District continued to outperform statewide averages for math, science and reading"
Oregon City 2013 test scores: Schools outperform state averages. The Oregonian

"The nonprofit group Earth Crusaders and the Oregon City School District teamed up under an Oregon City Metro Enhancement Grant to improve their town." Earth Crusaders, school district beautify OC. Clackamas Review

"An independent national study compares school districts across Oregon and the nation for efficient cost management and effectiveness in student achievement."  Oregon City School District Gets Top Rating for Effective, Efficient schools

"They point to places such as Oregon City, where nearly every student demonstrates an ability to write cogently and correctly" The Writing Imperative. The Oregonian

"Once again, Oregon City and Forest Grove high schools posted much higher passing rates on the math exam than schools with far fewer minority and low-income students"  Test scores show Oregon high schoolers lost ground in writing, math and science. The Oregonian


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