Apples for Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of Staff Appreciation Week, student members of the Oregon City High School National Honor Society placed apples with a kind message of appreciation in each staff mailbox. This was a great start to a full week of well deserved appreciation for our staff. National Honor Society advisors are OCHS Staff members Tracy Acker and Lindsey Becker.

Oregon City School District Announces Next Director of School Improvement

Oregon City School District has named John McLoughlin Elementary principal Carol Sanders to be the next Director of School Improvement. The current director, Roberta Herndon, will retire at the end of the school year.

Sanders has served as principal at McLoughlin since 2001. John McLoughlin Elementary is a high achieving school rated outstanding by the Oregon Department of Education. Prior to working in Oregon City Schools, Sanders was an elementary and middle school administrator for Portland Public Schools. She is a former special education teacher and consultant.

Response to Ways and Means Co-Chairs Budget Proposal

On March 29th the ways and means co-chairs released their proposed two-year budget that will be presented to the legislature. The good news is that they're getting this done much earlier than usual. The bad news is that the amount they've dedicated for k-12 education does nothing to help us restore programs or to reduce the number of furlough days that we expect to take next year to balance our budget.

Staff Music Video

As the Oregon City School District made its way through the last couple of years of very difficult budget decisions with all of the attendant layoffs, school closures, and program reductions its employees continued to work together to solve these problems. In that spirit a group of employees got together this winter and decided that they wanted to do something as a district that was just for fun, something that could take their attention away from the stress of budget reductions if only for a moment. They decided to produce a music video, and produce it at no cost to the district. Employees got together on their breaks and before and after school to participate in the production, and some key employees donated their skills in choreography and videography to make it all happen.

For any questions about this video please contact the Oregon City Superintendents Office.

Special thanks to B&B Leasing of Oregon City for donating hundreds of T-Shirts to all the staff that participated in the video.

Song used in this video is Dynamite by Taio Cruz which is available for purchase on iTunes.

Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Watch it on Vimeo or YouTube

Congratulations to Our 2010-11 Employees of Distinction

In conjunction with the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce's upcoming Community Service Awards Luncheon, the Oregon City School District will honor two of its own for excellence in the classroom and beyond. This year's awards were announced at the District's March Board meeting last week.

MaryEllen Winterhalter was honored as the district's Employee of Distinction & Steve Wehrley was honored as the Teacher of Distinction.

Ginger Redlinger, CAIS Principal & ELL Program coordinator nominated both Winterhalter & Wehrley.

Winterhalter is the District's Homeless Student Liaison in the Special Programs Office.

"She has created created an atmosphere of support and safety for our most impoverished students. She is respected by both her co-workers and her supervisors and is loved by all staff members in her department," Redlinger wrote in her nomination form.

Wehrley is a new CIAS teacher and also teaches mathematics at OCHS.

"He listens to students and parents in order to solve problems collaboratively to the benefit of the student. He is very excited about his teaching, and his students respond accordingly," Redlinger wrote.

The Oregon City Chamber of Commerce Community Service Awards Luncheon will be held on April 15th.

Bruce Reece at Oregon City High School Named Athletic Director of the Year for the 6A Classification

Bruce Reece has be named Athletic Director of the Year for the state of Oregon for the 6A classification! Congratulations Bruce, you are very deserving of this award!

Oregon City School District Named to AP Achievement List by the College Board for Significant Gains in Advanced Placement Access and Student Performance

Oregon City School District  is one of two districts in Oregon, and one of 388 school districts in the nation being honored by the College Board with a place on its AP Achievement List.

From 2008 to 2010, Oregon City School District 62 has increased the number of students participating in AP from 179 to 272, while improving the percentage of students earning AP Exam scores of 3 or higher, the score typically needed to earn college credit, from 70% in 2008 to 84% in 2010.

"When you consider that there are over 30,000 high schools in the U.S. and that OCHS is one of 388 to receive this award, this is an incredible achievement," said Superintendent Roger Rada. "My hats off to our staff and students."

Oregon City School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.

Early Childhood Education and Child Care

School Supply Drive

Each year your donations to the KGW school supply drive helps our students get the supplies they need. Visit their website to learn more. 

In The News

"High School students in the Oregon City School District continued to outperform statewide averages for math, science and reading"
Oregon City 2013 test scores: Schools outperform state averages. The Oregonian

"The nonprofit group Earth Crusaders and the Oregon City School District teamed up under an Oregon City Metro Enhancement Grant to improve their town." Earth Crusaders, school district beautify OC. Clackamas Review

"An independent national study compares school districts across Oregon and the nation for efficient cost management and effectiveness in student achievement."  Oregon City School District Gets Top Rating for Effective, Efficient schools

"They point to places such as Oregon City, where nearly every student demonstrates an ability to write cogently and correctly" The Writing Imperative. The Oregonian

"Once again, Oregon City and Forest Grove high schools posted much higher passing rates on the math exam than schools with far fewer minority and low-income students"  Test scores show Oregon high schoolers lost ground in writing, math and science. The Oregonian


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