Fifth Grade


5th Grade Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised June, 2014 for use beginning in 14-15 with Mat.  

OCSD Fifth Grade Math Report Card Standards (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (PDF)

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2013-2014 Resources (to be updated):

OCSD Common Math Vocabulary - 5th

Old Assessments:


Old 5th Grade Instructional Resources 

Basic Facts & 2D Geometry

Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Volume & 3D Shapes 


Functions, Algebra, & Coordinate Grids

  • Explore Circle Graphs - Explore the connection between fractions & percents on circle graphs.  Interactive site allows you to create a circle graph to your specifications.
  • Coordinate Graphing / Polygon Review (PDF)  Students graph and connect the points printed on the cards, and then review geometry vocabulary by describing two characteristics of the polygons. (Albers)
  • Locate Aliens - On-line practice naming coordinates in all 4 quadrants.
  • Space Boy - Send space boy to the correct coordinates.


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