First Grade Mathematics Curriculum Resources

Important Resources

1st Grade Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised August, 2014

OCSD Common Math Vocabulary - 1st Grade 

OCSD First Grade Report Card Standards (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (PDF)

Math Expressions: Common Core MegaMath Map for Grade 1 (DOC)

Order Homework and Remembering pages by unit from the IMC here - NEW!!!

Math Expressions: Common Core Assessments - 1st Grade:

Order assessments electronically from the IMC here.  *NOTE*  These assessments align with the curriculum map for the 2013 Math Expressions materials.   

1st Grade Instructional Resources: 

September:  Partners and Number Patterns Through 10 

October-December:  Addition & Subtraction Strategies; Unknown Numbers in Addition and Subtraction

 January-February:  Place Value & Larger Numbers

March-April: Comparisons and Data; Geometry, Measurement, and Equal Shares

May-June:   Linear Measurement and Two-Digit Addition

Old Assessments:




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