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Kindergarten OCSD Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised August, 2014

Kindergarten OCSD Half Day Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised August, 2013

OCSD Common Math Vocabulary - Kinder This is the list of math terms students at Kindergarten are expected to master. 

OCSD Kindergarten Report Card Standards (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (PDF)

Math Expressions: Common Core Mega Math Map for Kindergarten (PDF)

Math Expressions: Common Core Formative Assessment Prompts for Kindergarten (DOC)

Think Central Log In Directions for Math Expressions: Common Core

IMC Ordering - Kindergarten

IMC Print Request:  Use these links to request Kinder math materials directly from the IMC.  (Note:  You will have to sign in to your Google account (Net ID - same as your email login) in order to access the form and order materials.)

Count by ones & tens to 100 starting from any number

  • Required:  1:1 Counting Assessment (PDF)
  • Recommended:  Math Expressions, Observable Assessments (All Units)

Count and write a numeral to tell the number of objects

  • Required:  Counting Ten Frames (PDF)
  • Recommended:  Observation of Math Expressions activities (e.g. workbook pages & tray activities)
  • Recommended:  Ten Frames above 20 (PDF)

Write the numerals to 20

  • Required:  Writing Numbers 1-20 (PDF)

Compare written numbers and groups of objects (0-10)

  • Required:  Comparing Numbers (PDF)
  • Recommended:  Math Expressions: Common Core Unit 4 Test (#12-13)
  • Optional:  Math Expressions: Common Core Unit 3 Test (#6, 14-17)

Represent/solve addition & subtraction problems using objects, drawings, and equations

  • Required: Frogs in a Pond (PDF)
  • Other Evidence Required (e.g. Observation of Math Expressions Story Activities) 

Build and break apart numbers (0-20)

  • Math Expressions: Common Core Unit 2 Test (#1-2, 5)
  • Math Expressions: Common Core Unit 3 Test (#1-3, 5)

Fluently add & subtract numbers (0-5)

Describe and compare measureable attributes (e.g. length, weight)

Classify objects by characteristics

Identify, describe, and compose geometric shapes

Optional: Math Expressions: Common Core Assessments (PDF) 

Kindergarten Instructional Resources

September - October:  Understand Numbers 1-10

  • September Calendar Pieces - Basic 2D Shapes 


November:  5-Groups in Numbers 6-10


December - January:  Teen Numbers as Tens and Ones


February - April:  Partners, Problem Drawings, and Tens


May - June:  Consolidation of Concepts



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