Place Value and Number Sense Activities

This page contains resources and activities to help develop the number sense and place value understandings of students at all levels.

 Place Value:

  • Counting with Base 10 Blocks (K-3) - An interactive website where students build a specified number using 100s, 10s, and 1s.  The site incorporates auditory, symbolic, base 10 and number line representations.  Great for smartboards and independent practice!
  • Place Value Cards (1-4) - This site models expanded notation with cards and base 10 blocks.
  • Place Value Sharks (1-3) - Count the base 10 blocks and identify the number.  You can choose the magnitude of the numbers.  Great for independent practice!
  • Place the Penguins (1-3) - Students drag the penguins onto the board to represent numbers with expanded notation.
  • Splat Squares (K-3) - Interactive Hundred Grid - Good for Smartboard lessons


Number Sense:

  • The Largest Number Game (2-6) Customizable to the number of digits, greatest digit, and discard spaces.  The numbers you discard still count, so this game requires some extra thinking!
  • The Estimator (K-6) - Develop Number Sense by estimating a point along a number line.  You control the scale (endpoint) of the number line.
  • Estimating Quantities (2-6) - Interactive site for students to estimate quantities, area, and number lines as 'greater than' or 'less than' a given amount.  Three levels for students to explore.
  • Make 24 (3-8) - Interactive game to practice basic number sense and order of operations. 



  • Order of Operations (5-8) - Create increasingly more complex equations, mindful of order of operations.
  • Connect Four (5-8) - Two player interactive game to review order of operations.

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