Second Grade Mathematics Curriculum Resources

Essential 2nd Grade Math Resources

Second Grade Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised September, 2013

OCSD Common Math Vocabulary - 2nd

OCSD Second Grade Report Card Standards (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (PDF)

Order Homework and Remembering pages by unit from the IMC here - NEW!!!

OCSD Common Math Assessments - 2nd Grade

Order assessments electronically from the IMC here.  *NOTE*  These assessments algin with the curriculum map for the 2011 Math Expressions materials.  Revisions to the curriculum map and assessments may occur to align with the 2013 materials.  It is advised that you NOT order assessments for the entire year. 


2nd Grade Instructional Resources 

September - October:  Basic Facts:


November - December:  Place Value & Money Concepts:

  • Hundreds Grid Riddles (PDF) (Albers)  Use these hundreds grids riddles to help your students build place value concepts. Great activity for smartboards and small groups. 
  • Bank Vault - online game for quickly adding groups of coins to make a desired sum.


January:  Telling Time & Graphing:


February-March:  Multi-digit Addition & Subtraction:

 April:  Geometry, Arrays, & Fractions:


May - June:  Linear Measurement:



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