Third Grade


3rd Grade Math Curriculum Map (PDF) - revised June, 2014 for use in 2014-2015 with Math Expressions: Common Core

OCSD Common Math Vocabulary - 3rd

Oregon State Math Standards (PDF)

OCSD Third Grade Math Report Card Standards (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (PDF)

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OCSD Common Math Assessments - 3rd Grade

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3rd Grade Instructional Resources  

September - October:  Place Value, Addition, & Subtraction, & Graphing

November - December:  Geometry - Attributes of Polygons,  Perimeter & Area

  • Comparing Pattern Blocks.  (King 3rd & TOSA) Use this sentence frame to help students communicate about characteristics of  polygons.

January - February:  Concepts of Multiplication & Division

  • Understanding Multiplication: Matching Story Problems.  (King 3rd & TOSA) This activity helps students differentiate between addition and multiplication situations.  Teachers print and glue these stories and expressions onto index cards.  Students each receive a card and search among their classmates to find their match.  


March - April:  Fraction Concepts

  • Pattern Block Fractions - This on-line set of questions is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pattern blocks and fractions!  Be sure the students have access to actual pattern blocks when figuring these out.


May - June:  Telling Time & Capacity 

  • Interactive Clock - Great instructional tool for whiteboards!  A powerful way to show elapsed time.
  • Graphing Time & Temperature (PDF) - Students can perform an experiment, taking the temperature of a glass of water as an ice cube melts.  This page allows them to communicate their results as a line graph.
  • Converting Units Review (PDF) - Students review converting between units of time, length, volume, and weight. Equivalencies are given at the bottom of the page; this would be a good opportunity for students to use a claculator.





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