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Seven Oregon City Schools Rated Outstanding on State Report Card

The report cards are designed to communicate and celebrate the many good things that are happening in schools. The report card may also assist in initiating discussions about areas targeted for improvement. Demonstrating that schools are accountable, the report card displays consistent and reliable information about academic achievement, attendance, graduation, participation, and student growth, in addition to key school statistics, demographics, and an overall rating. This will be the final year Oregon releases the current version of the school report cards. As part of the state’s federal flexibility waiver, the school report cards will be redesigned to provide better information to parents and communities on how our students, schools, and districts are doing.

  • Oregon City High School
  • Gardiner Middle School
  • Ogden Middle School
  • Beavercreek Elementary School
  • King Elementary School
  • McLoughlin Elementary School
  • Springwater K-8 Charter School

View the district report card (PDF) to see all school ratings in the district. 

Top Five Reasons for Students to Ride the School Bus

1. Increased Safety! Riding the school bus is nearly 800% safer* than traveling by passenger car. In fact, school busses are the safest* form of transportation.

School buses also help keep our campuses and neighborhoods safer. Each additional passenger car adds congestion and danger for all students on or near school grounds.

2. It saves money! It saves families from having to buy additional and expensive gas and reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

3. It’s Green! It serves as a good example to our children about the importance of keeping our planet healthy. Each year school buses help keep an estimated 17.3 million cars* off the roads surrounding schools each morning!

4. Reduced congestion! Most school parking lots are already well over capacity. With additional students going to our middle schools we are expecting increased congestion. In many cases students who ride the bus will arrive home before their peers that get picked up in a passenger car.

5. Student downtime! Students can enjoy time with friends, listening to music or reflecting on their day. Our transportation department is committed to ensuring a physically and emotionally safe environment on each bus. Our bus drivers have been trained in the Positive Behavior Support program that each school uses.

If you have any questions feel free to call the transportation department at 503-785-8540.

Mayor Honors Oregon City Faculty, Staff, Principal and Former Superintendent With "Citizens of The Year" Award

Oregon City High School Faculty, Staff, Principal Nancy Bush-Lange and former Superintendent Roger Rada were honored by Oregon City Mayor Doug Neeley as Citizens of the Year at an event held Saturday hosted by the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce. 

Oregon City High School Staff & Faculty
The faculty and staff of OCHS have navigated declining resources while implementing successful programs for struggling students and expanding opportunities for advanced students. However, today Oregon City High School can claim to be the best high school in the state of Oregon. Since 2005 at OCHS, the number of students who have met or exceeded standards for the statewide reading exam grew from 58 percent to 95 percent; 11 points above the state average. The same dramatic increases have been made in mathematics. The number of students who have met or exceeded standards for the statewide math exam grew from 45 percent to 92 percent; 22 points above the state average.

Getting Ready for Back to School

Health Care
Health Care is available through the federal marketplace. Find out more on our health coverage page.

A student entering kindergarten needs: DTaP (Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis): 5 doses, Polio: 4 doses, Varicella (chicken pox): 1 dose, Measles: 2 doses, Mumps: 1 dose, Rubella: 1 dose, Hepatitis B: 3 doses, new requirement Hepatitis A: 2 doses.

Children that are 5 years old on or before September 1 can enter kindergarten. Children that are 6 years old by September 1 can enter into first grade. For more information visit the enrollment page.

School Supplies
The school supply page has a list from each elementary and middle school.  

Lunches and Nutrition
The Nutrition Department  has information on menus, payment information, and free and reduced meal applications.

The Tranportation Department has general and boundary information as well as routes and schedules posted for all schools. 

School Information
All general school information is posted on the schools page

Three-year Levy to Restore School Days Fails

The May 17th election was an important one for Oregon City Schools and other districts across the state. Unfortunately, the three-year local option levy to restore two weeks of school for Oregon City kids was defeated.

In an encouraging message sent to the district's staff earlier today superintendent Roger Rada said, "I certainly don't see this vote as a rebuke of our schools or our employees. We have incredible teachers and support staff. You all do incredible work, and our schools are highly regarded within our community and across the state."

Rada indicates that it will be difficult to maintain the strong academic growth the district's students have demonstrated over the last several years. Students will be in larger classes for fewer days; not a good combination for their success.

"We knew asking the community to pay additional taxes during these tough economic times would be difficult, but we had to try for our kids," says Superintendent Roger Rada. "We can only keep on doing our best, wait for the economy to improve, and hope that the legislature takes steps to stabilize school funding."

Oregon City School District is an equal opportunity educator and employer.